And more life lessons I've learned from a decade in fundraising
And my guideposts for maximizing your time and effort through grant funding
Part motivational message, part (constructive, I hope!) rant.
Plus, this month I want your thoughts on grants!
The Banyan Bulletin January 2022: Walking through a straightforward approach to turning a BIG goal into effective, actionable work.
Books To Dive into During Your Year-End Break To Start 2022 Refreshed One of my favorite things to do while I’m on any sort of break from work is to…
This is the Banyan Bulletin, monthly-ish musings diving deep into nonprofit fundraising, communications, and organizational strategy, with a healthy…
How to make sure you finish off your year strong - and with intention! Work gets in the way and then all of a sudden... it's mid-October. The end of the…
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